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Kaku 賀来


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Kaku (Kaku 賀来 or 書く) is a martial artist who is one of the main protagonists of the Kung Fu Warrior series. kaku possesses the spirits of both the Black and White tigers of Earth and the immense power of both tigers are contained within the Kaku's soul. Kaku has sworn to be the ultimate rival of Shū.



Kaku trained at the Young Tiger Dojo on his birthday(see above) at the age of 6. Trained by the legendary Black and White Tigers of Earth, Kaku learned various earth natured moves and obtained both the Black and White Tiger's capabilities. Kaku would later graduate the dojo at age 11. Currently, not much is known about the whereabouts or the origin of Kaku's parents, but during his days at the dojo, Kaku has mentioned that he was also mentored by his adopted uncle but does not remember who he was due to his brief service as Kaku's mentor.



Out of the whole team, Kaku is the more serious one. He constantly wants to improve his skills and is very strict on his martial arts training. Kaku constantly scolds Shū and advises him to take his training seriously due to Shū's laid-back demeanor. Even though he scolds Shū, Kaku is very close to Shū.



Lóng shuāng quán ("Twin Dragon Fist" 龙双拳) is Kaku's primary fighting style.

Due to the assistance of the legendary Black and White Tigers of Earth, Kaku is able to increase his strength, speed, agility, stamina, and reaction speed tremendously. Even without the assistance of Black and White, Kaku is an outstanding martial artist. Kaku also has an earth nature which allows him to manipulate and create stones (Ex. a stone armour, stone knuckles, can create an enormous shield, etc.). Kaku is also a very talented swordsman. Kaku has access to the legendary White Tiger Katana, a sword (originally wielded by the White Tiger of Earth) that allows the wielder to move at an incredible speed. It can also duplicate itself at any time. Kaku is also  a practitioner of Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and Ninjutsu. 



  • Kaku's name in Katakana is written カク.
  • Kaku's name means "Write".
  • Kaku's name can also be written as 賀来.