gender: male

Birthday: September 4 (Virgo)

current age: 14

Nature: Earth

Creature: Tiger

Style(s): Kickboxing, Catch Wrestling, Boxing


Shu is the second protagonist of the Kung Fu Warrior series and a teamate of Kaku

PERSONALITY:  Shu can be very friendly, self-expressive, jovial, outgoing, and optimistic yet, he cn be very superficial, extravagant, and has a short temper. Shu is an  intelligent individual. He is a deep thinker, loyal to friends, but he gets involved in alot of conflict with elders. Shu loves being the center of attention and he never goes unnoticed. Shu is also impatient, he always looks for action, and when Shu is upset, he will freely speak his mind.

BACKROUND:  Shu is the son of a deceased military warrior, but never met his father. Shu (at age 5) was homeless and was eating out of trash cans and sleeping on the streets. This would all come to an end when a man known as Hiroki Nakayama, a monk of the Earth Temple took in Shu and raised him at the Earth Temple where Shu would live amongst the other earth monks. When Shu reached the age of 10, he would be trained in martial arts by the earth monks.

ABILITIES: Shu is a very talented martial artist surpassing all of the earth monks of the Earth Temple and even rivaling his best friend Kaku in close-range combat. Like Kaku, Shu also has the Earth nature, but there is one difference between the two. When Shu loses his temper he gains massive reserves of power equaling Kaku's Black and White Tiger of Earth. Shu is a practitioner of Kickboxing, Catch wrestling, and Boxing.


  • Rising Lion (only when angered)
  • Stone combination punch
  • Rock self-duplication technique
  • Wild stone spear (only when angered)
  • Rock armour